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Xin Shi, Lead Product Manager at PingCAP, will explore how TiDB Serverless helps developers deliver applications without operational overhead while taking advantage of true pay-as-you-go pricing. Xin will use OSS Insight as the real-world application to highlight how it benefits from TiDB Serverless.

Date: 7/18/2023

Time: 9 – 9:50AM PT


  • Opening & Introductions (5 mins)
  • TiDB Serverless Overview (10 mins)
  • What is OSS Insight? (10 mins)
    • Application Overview & Requirements
    • Why TiDB?
  • Key Benefits of OSS Insight’s Migration to TiDB Serverless (20 mins)
  • TiDB Serverless Resources (5 mins)
  • Wrap-Up & Q&A (5 mins)


Xin Shi Lead Product Manager of TiDB Serverless at PingCAP, with substantial expertise in serverless sloud and developer experience.

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