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The TiDB Annual Hackathon is back in 2022 with new opportunities for you to explore our open source, NewSQL database. This year’s theme is “Possibility at Scale.” With this goal, you will be tasked to break technology boundaries and unlock possibilities of how TiDB can help across industries such as public welfare, games, and Web3. Join us to build new, impactful applications, or simply make TiDB a better database.



Sept 13, 2022 - Oct 17, 2022
If you love to create and explore, sign up to participate. Check the Hackathon guide.


Submit a Request for Comments (RFC)
Sept 13, 2022 - Oct 17, 2022
Submit your idea and implementation plans. Check the RFC template.


Find out if you've been selected!
Oct 19, 2022
We'll announce the teams selected for the final.


Code on site
Oct 22, 2022 - Oct 23, 2022
Join the on-site final. Code and present at PingCAP's Singapore office.


Attend the award ceremony
Oct 23, 2022
More than 10 prizes and awards are waiting for you.
The top six winners will receive cash prizes



one team



two teams



three teams

Special awards

Web3 Special Award


one team
only for the Singapore region

Best Creative Award
(sponsored by Yunqi Partners)


one team

Public Welfare Contribution Award


one team

Technology Trends Award
(sponsored by China Growth Capital)


one team

TiDB Cloud Application (API) Award


one team

Most Popular Project Award
(sponsored by GGV Capital)

A keyboard and mouse for each team member

one team

Best Campus Award


one team

Users' Choice Award


one team

Please note that we'll issue the prize money according to the exchange rate. Taxes are not included. See evaluation criteria.
Participation benefits

Showcase your talent

Professional mentorship

On-site communication with tech enthusiasts

Professional guidance from seasoned judges

A contestant-exclusive swag bag

Branding exposure for excellent projects

Judges and mentors
Judges alphabetically by last name
Yu Chen
Partner at Yunqi Partners
Chuang Pei-Han
(Invited judge)
Chief Executive Officer at Morpheus Labs
Allen Gao
Product Manager Leader of Data Platform at PingCAP
Leitao Guo
Database Manager at iQIYI
Ed Huang
Co-founder & CTO at PingCAP
Cathy Huang
Outbound Product Manager at PingCAP
Yulai Li
TiDB Committer, Seaweedfs Contributor
Cong Liu
Senior Software Engineer at PingCAP
Zidong Liu
Database Engineer at Xiaomi, TiDB Committer
Hongbin Ma
Founder & VP at Kyligence, Apache Kylin PMC Member
Yang Shen
Vice President at Linklogis
Xiaoguang Sun
TiDB Cloud Ecosystem Manager at PingCAP
Siddon Tang
Vice President of R&D at PingCAP
Cong Wang
SQL Team Tech Leader at PingCAP
Haiyan Wu
Managing Partner at China Growth Capital
Mengjun Xie
CEO at JimengIO, GoCN Community Initiator
Chris Xu
TiDB DM R&D Leader at PingCAP
Donghui Zhang
Product Development Consultant at PingCAP

Your team can have up to four members. You can also join the contest alone.

During the final, we provide one breakfast, two lunches, and two dinners for contestants and volunteers. You can stay at the PingCAP office overnight. If you want to stay in a hotel nearby, you need to pay for it yourself.

It's at 1 One North Crescent, Razer SEA HQ, Level 7, Singapore 138538.

You can't submit your first line of code until we announce the teams in the final. The final jury will strictly check whether you meet this rule. If you have questions about the reference materials, you can ask questions on GitHub with the hackathon label.

If your project belongs to the Web3 field, you are eligible for the Web3 Special Award.

All team members must be undergraduate, master's, or doctoral students.


No. If your RFC is chosen, you can get the swag bag at the final.

Gold sponsors
Silver sponsors
Cloud resource / technical service providers