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Serverless Tier (Beta) on TiDB Cloud

Fully managed by PingCAP and available on AWS, TiDB Cloud Serverless Tier is industry’s first self-driving HTAP database service. It enables developers to deploy their infrastructure instantly with:



Agility and Flexibility: Rapid deployment in 20s with a few clicks.



Elastic Scalability: Scale in and out seamlessly with always-on HTAP database service.


Cost-effectiveness: Consumption-based pricing with no upfront cost.


Why TiDB Cloud?

TiDB Cloud provides a fully managed service of TiDB, the open-source distributed SQL database that features hybrid analytical and transactional processing, horizontal scalability, strong consistency, and high availability.

Compare Serverless Tier and Dedicated Tier.

Learn more about Serverless Tier in TiDB Cloud Docs.

Follow the Quick Start Guide to spin up your first TiDB Cloud cluster on Serverless Tier.

Security and Compliance

As the service provider of TiDB Cloud, PingCAP has undergone thorough third-party auditing and examinations to ensure TiDB Cloud offering and operations adhere to the enterprise grade compliance requirements.


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