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Effective Date: December 04, 2023

These Special Terms for TiDB Certification Program shall apply to PingCAP’s paid certification programs in addition to PingCAP’s Terms of Service. You need to agree to all of these terms before applying for registration for a TiDB Certification Program.


PingCAP offers certain TiDB certification programs. You may participate in the certification program you are interested in and become certificated after passing the online exam.

Registration and Payment

For registering for a certification program, You need to go through the registration procedures and make full payment. The payment is acceptable solely in US Dollars (USD) and via credit cards. The certification exam is valid for three-hundred-and-sixty-six (366) days after registration, passage of which time may trigger a failure for you to participate without payment returned. We kindly remind you to memorize the time limit and finish the exam within the term of validation.

Your application for the registration may not be accepted if the payment is failed, PingCAP is not legally allowed to provide paid certification programs to you, or there are any other reasons for which PingCAP cannot accept your application.

You are responsible for non-payment, even if the Fee is being paid by a third party. After successful registration, you will receive an email from PingCAP acknowledging your enrollment in the certification program.

Cancellation, Changeability and Refunds

As noted above, the payment for a certification program is non-refundable, unless the cancellation is made by PingCAP out of its sole discretion and liability. Certification programs are not interchangeable and can not be extended beyond the term of validation. Furthermore, your paid certification program can not be reassigned to others.

PingCAP’s liability when it cancels a certification program will be limited to a refund of the Fee you actually paid.