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PingCAP is proud to announce a collaboration with the Advanced Software Technologies Lab (AST) at ETH Zürich to research DBMS testing based on TiDB, an open-source distributed NewSQL database. The goal of the partnership is, through joint efforts from industry and academia, to improve the state of art in DBMS testing. Together with ETH Zürich, PingCAP will continue to advance database technologies, nurture talent in related areas, and explore new ways to develop infrastructure solutions.

“ETH Zürich has fruitful experiences in distributed transaction testing, ” says Professor Zhendong Su who leads the AST Lab. “As a successful distributed database system, TiDB is an excellent resource for us to reference in both the classroom and the lab. We are delighted to team up with PingCAP to investigate the next stage of distributed system stability. ”

The collaboration will also strive to improve the TiDB codebase. Through a dedicated testing team and Chaos Mesh, a cloud-native chaos engineering platform, PingCAP supports the open-source approach, which allows contributors from all over the world to shape and improve the project. They collaborate with multiple universities and internet companies on advanced research such as how to improve the system’s robustness.

“We are excited about the research collaboration with ETH Zürich, ” says Zhou Qiang, the team lead of efficiency engineering at PingCAP. “We can diversify PingCAP’s open-source ecosystem, and bring more surprises to the database industry by leveraging the world’s leading technology.”

ETH Zurich has been involved with TIDB and the open-source community since 2020. ETH Zürich has shared papers and tech talks with the community, and PingCAP has used this information to strengthen the TiDB codebase by optimizing transaction testing.

About the AST Lab at ETH Zürich

The Advanced Software Technologies Lab (AST) is led by Professor Zhendong Su. They are part of the Institute for Programming Languages and Systems in the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zürich. Their research focuses on programming languages and compilers, software engineering, computer security, deep learning, and education technologies.

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