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What data does Chat2Query collect?

Chat2Query relies on data to work. It collects data to provide the service, some of which is then retained for further product improvements.

Chat2Query collects data as described below:

  • User Engagement Data

When you use Chat2Query, it will collect usage information about events generated when interacting with the editor. These events include user edit actions like library and table meta information of the user database, and general data to edit SQL. This information may include personal data, such as pseudonymous identifiers.

  • Code Snippets Data

Chat2Query may also collect and retain SQL that you are editing and related annotation files.

How is the data in Chat2Query used and shared?

User Engagement Data and Code Snippets Data is used by Chat2Query and OpenAI to improve the services and to conduct product and academic research among developers. Such uses may include:

  • Directly improving and evaluating the Chat2Query services;
  • Developing and improving developer products and services related to Chat2Query and OpenAI;
  • Investigating and detecting potential abuse of Chat2Query; and
  • Improving the underlying code generation models.

How is the transmitted Code Snippets data protected?

We recognize that user edit actions, source code snippets are sensitive data. The transmitted data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

How can users of Chat2Query control use of their Code Snippets Data?

Users can disable AI SQL in the settings, and Chat2Query will stop the collection and transmission of related data. Please note that you need to agree to enable AI SQL to continue to use Chat2Query.

Will my private code be shared with other users?

No, your code snippets will not be used as suggested code for other users of Chat2Query.

Where can I learn more about PingCAP’s privacy and data protection?

For more information on how PingCAP processes and uses personal data, please see the Our Privacy Policy.

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