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Perform Analysis in Real-Time with TiDB

TiDB writes to both a row store and a column store. This enables you to run complex analytical queries against the most up to date information available. For finance, gaming, cryptocurrency, and more, it is crucial that your queries are returning real-time results for the best benefit of your company.

When data is written to TiDB, it is first accepted by one of the nodes that writes to the row store but, as part of the writing to ensure high availability, that same data is also written to the column store. This ensures that the data you are querying is fully up to date. During a query, the optimizer determines if the query is best answered by the row store, the column store, or a combination of the two stores. No other database offers this capability.

Real-time results mean that you

  • Are assured that your query is returning the most current outcome
  • Can adjust your business activities to reflect ever-changing data inputs
  • Gain a competitive edge over other businesses who rely on slow and potentially problematic ETL processes to complete

Real-time query capabilities are inherent in TiDB. There are no additional steps that you need to take to access this functionality. When using TiDB, you can rest easy knowing that your querier are responding to real-time data and are providing you the most up to date result possible.

Case Study

Why Streak Chose TiDB to Make Its CRM Real-Time

Streak is a Google Chrome extension that directly integrates with Google Workspace to create a CRM dashboard of sales pipelines, contacts, and action items. Founded in 2011, they now have over 6000 customers worldwide with industry leading companies such as Opendoor, Uber, Atlassian, Logitech, Rappi, and Keller Williams.   Streak is layered on top of Gmail […]

TiDB is enabling Streak users to share emails and metadata effortlessly, and is enabling our developers to move faster than ever before.

Fred Wulff, VP of Engineering

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