Thank you for your interest in TiDB Enterprise Edition. You can download installation packages below.

Please note that for those who are not yet TiDB Enterprise customers, download and use constitutes acceptance of the TiDB Enterprise Trial License Agreement. For TiDB Community Edition releases, click here.

For more details about Audit & Allowlist Plugin User Guide, please download:

v6.5.0 (current)

Release Notes

  • Docker Image (Audit & Allowlist Plugins are included in tidb-enterprise)
    • docker pull pingcap/tidb-enterprise:v6.5.0
    • docker pull pingcap/br-enterprise:v6.5.0
    • docker pull pingcap/dumpling-enterprise:v6.5.0
    • docker pull pingcap/ng-monitoring-enterprise:v6.5.0
    • docker pull pingcap/pd-enterprise:v6.5.0
    • docker pull pingcap/ticdc-enterprise:v6.5.0
    • docker pull pingcap/tidb-binlog-enterprise:v6.5.0
    • docker pull pingcap/tiflash-enterprise:v6.5.0
    • docker pull pingcap/tikv-enterprise:v6.5.0
    • docker pull pingcap/tidb-lightning-enterprise:v6.5.0
    • docker pull pingcap/dm-enterprise:v6.5.0


Release Notes

  • Package for Linux AMD64
  • Docker Image (Audit & Allowlist Plugins are included in tidb-enterprise)
    • docker pull pingcap/tidb-enterprise:v5.4.3
    • docker pull pingcap/br-enterprise:v5.4.3
    • docker pull pingcap/dumpling-enterprise:v5.4.3
    • docker pull pingcap/ng-monitoring-enterprise:v5.4.3
    • docker pull pingcap/pd-enterprise:v5.4.3
    • docker pull pingcap/ticdc-enterprise:v5.4.3
    • docker pull pingcap/tidb-binlog-enterprise:v5.4.3
    • docker pull pingcap/tiflash-enterprise:v5.4.3
    • docker pull pingcap/tikv-enterprise:v5.4.3
    • docker pull pingcap/tidb-lightning-enterprise:v5.4.3
    • docker pull pingcap/dm-enterprise:v5.4.3

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