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Maintaining Database Connectivity in Serverless Infrastructure with TiProxy

Businesses often struggle to ensure smooth database connections during scaling and upgrades. Frustrations can surface from underused instances after scaling out, disruptions when scaling in, and potential disconnections during upgrades. While connection pools and long-lived connections offer stability, they can cause issues in fluid environments where databases need to adapt quickly. This leads to increased […]

Raft Engine: A Log-Structured Embedded Storage Engine for Multi-Raft Logs in TiKV

We introduce how we build and implement TiKV’s Raft Engine, a log-structured embedded storage engine for multi-Raft logs, and how it improves storage performance.

How TiDB Processes DML in Data Migration

Learn how Sync, Data Migration's core component, processes DML statements through the binlog replication workflow.

How Good is TiDB as an HTAP System? A HATtrick Benchmark

Inspired by the SIGMOD/PODS 22 paper “How Good is my #HTAP System” and HATtrick, the proposed benchmark tool, we tested the TP/AP performance isolation and horizontal scalability of TiDB as an HTAP database.

How I Found a Go Issue on ARM that Crashed the Database Server

A distributed database like TiDB is a very complex project. Its performance depends on multiple factors. And I will share a peculiar Go bug that caused TiDB to crash on ARM.

Speeding up a SaaS Platform by 5x in a Day without Changing the Code

In this article, we compare the performance of TiDB and MySQL on one of the most popular low-code SaaS platforms, Corteza CRM. We also demonstrate how TiDB leverages its HTAP capabilities to the SaaS platform without any code changes and speeds up development of new applications.

Achieving Better Price to Performance for a Distributed Database – Tau T2A or AWS Graviton2

As Google Cloud announced their first Arm64 CPU, Tau T2A, for scale-out, cloud-native workloads, we conducted a quick benchmarking test to see the price-performance ratio when running TiDB on Google ARM 64 and AWS Arm 64.

Improve Performance and Data Availability with Elastic Block Store

In this blog, we will explain that with careful selection of Elastic Block Store (EBS) types and clever optimizations, deploying DBaaS on EBS can achieve even better performance than on local disks.

Troubleshooting Memory Leaks: Deep Dive into Common Heap Profilers

Heap profilers are powerful runtime tools to pinpoint memory leak issues in applications. This post describes how some common heap profilers are used and implemented.

Time Synchronization in Distributed Systems: TiDB’s Timestamp Oracle

This post describes TiDB’s timestamp oracle (TSO), how it delivers time services, and its pros and cons.

Evaluating TiDB against the MySQL Test Suite

Since TiDB is a distributed SQL database compatible with MySQL, can we use MySQL's bug history to improve the quality of TiDB? With this in mind, Morgan from our engineering team led the exploration of using MySQL Test Suite to evaluate TiDB. The results were rewarding: 154 bugs in 4 months and improved test coverage.

How I Trained a Machine Learning Model in Pure SQL on a NewSQL Database

This post describes how a TiDB contributor trained a machine learning model in pure SQL on TiDB.