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Maximizing TiDB Cloud Security and Usability with OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Flow

At PingCAP, security is one of our core values. We always strive to support the latest security standards to ensure your high-scale, mission-critical applications are always secure. By integrating the OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow, TiDB Cloud enhances both security and usability, providing you with robust, secure access to your cloud resources. In today’s cloud […]

Scaling New Heights: Building Efficiency into Serverless Databases

Serverless makes a promise. You, as a user, can focus on solving your users’ problems while someone else worries about the infrastructure. But not all parts of the tech stack are equally easy to make “serverless”. For example, it’s simple to see how stateless, short-running JavaScript in a standalone V8 instance is a prime candidate […]

TiDB Cloud Now Supports OAuth 2.0 for a More Secure Login Experience

TiDB Cloud is a powerful MySQL-compatible database-as-a-service (DBaaS) for diverse industries, trusted by many leading companies such as Catalyst and CAPCOM. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a major update: TiDB Cloud now supports OAuth 2.0! OAuth 2.0 is a secure authorization protocol that lets you leverage existing login credentials from platforms like Google, Microsoft, and […]

Beyond PlanetScale: A guide to choosing your next free DBaaS

Why TiDB Serverless is the right long-term choice if you’re migrating from your former provider’s free plan. Change is constant in the world of developer toolkits. It’s beneficial because it enables us to deliver more value, faster. New technologies, products, and open-source projects propel this dynamic progress. But it’s a different story when someone else’s […]

Building an AI-Powered Crypto ETF Insights App with GPTs and TiDB Cloud Data Service

To navigate the dynamic cryptocurrency market, investors always look for a sophisticated crypto ETF insights app that provide them with the necessary insights. Traditional price-tracking websites like CoinMarketCap offer a snapshot of the market. Yet, they often present challenges, particularly when investors seek deeper, personalized insights from an overwhelming volume of data.   This tutorial delves […]

AI-Powered Data Exploration: Unpacking the Latest Innovations in TiDB Cloud

In early 2023, TiDB Cloud introduced Chat2Query, a new tool that leverages OpenAI’s capabilities to help explore and interact with databases through natural language. After a year of continuous improvements, we’re excited to share that Chat2Query has now become even more powerful. In this blog, we dive deeper into three major improvements to Chat2Query that […]

Enhancing Database Stability in TiDB with Runaway Query Management

Maintaining database stability is paramount for any business, as unexpected dips in performance for critical systems can cause substantial losses. By streamlining change testing processes or employing new technologies, you can limit unforeseen incidents within a certain range. However, sudden SQL performance issues, such as drastic data volume changes, increasingly complicated queries, and partially validated […]

Mastering TiDB Cloud Data Service–Your Ultimate Guide to Building a Data-Driven Backend

In our previous post, we introduced TiDB Cloud Data Service (TCDS), a fully managed, low-code backend-as-a-service solution. By seamlessly integrating your data with any application or service through HTTPS, TCDS enables developers to rapidly construct secure and scalable data-driven applications.  This blog guides you through building REST endpoints with TCDS while constructing a Task Tracker app. […]

Integrating Vector Search into TiDB Serverless for AI Applications

We’re thrilled to share that TiDB Serverless, our fully managed Database-as-a-Service offering, is introducing a built-in vector search to the MySQL landscape. With this support, you will be able to develop your AI applications using TiDB Serverless without requiring a new database or additional technical stacks. Join the waitlist for the private beta at […]

Announcing Organization SSO Authentication in TiDB Cloud

We are thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to TiDB Cloud’s security features: Organization Single-Sign-On (SSO) Authentication. This new feature streamlines enterprise authentication processes, enabling seamless integration with any Identity Provider (IdP) using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) or OpenID Connect (OIDC). Enterprise authentication is crucial to securing access to resources and data within TiDB […]

Introducing TiAdvisor: An Automated TiDB Index Advisor

In this blog, we introduce TiDB Index Advisor—or TiAdvisor for short—a novel tool that automates index discovery to enhance user workload performance. We also outline the techniques employed in building this tool and provide use cases that validate its results. Why Do We Need a TiDB Index Advisor? Database indexes provide faster access to data. […]

How Distributed Transactions Work in TiDB

Transactions—especially distributed transactions—are ubiquitous. Protocols around transactions are equally ubiquitous, even if we don’t immediately realize it. Take, for example, a common marriage ceremony. It’s essentially a two-phase commit (2PC) protocol. The officiant is the transaction coordinator (TC), and the couple getting married are the active participants. In the first phase, the TC asks each […]