AI Takes Over GitHub Analysis: The Future of Data Science is Here

ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm. In this post, we will use ChatGPT to explore some of the insights that can be gleaned from three of the main data tables on GitHub.

Announcing Partnership with HashiCorp to Automate Cloud Database Provisioning

We are proud to announce our partnership with HashiCorp® to help developers automate their infrastructure workflows, drive innovation, and more efficiently manage their cloud-native applications.

Building Applications Faster with TiDB and ILLA Builder

PingCAP is happy to announce the collaboration with ILLA, a low code open source tool for developers to develop applications rapidly.

How to Choose the Right Database for Your NFT Marketplace

We summarize the current data architecture some NFT platforms use and their pain points. We also offer a better database solution that can not only fix those pain points, but also improve your system agility and reduce your cost.

How to Process and Analyze Billions of Rows of Data in a Single Table with TiDB on AWS

This post introduces how you can leverage an efficient database solution—TiDB on AWS— to supercharge your data-intensive applications.

Announcing TiDB 6.2 with Better Observability, Faster Execution, Enhanced Disaster Recovery, and More 

Learn about TiDB 6.2, the latest version of our Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) database. TiDB 6.2 has improved observability, performance, stability, ecosystem tooling, and MySQL compatibility.

Using Airbyte to Migrate Data from TiDB Cloud to Snowflake

In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to use Airbyte to connect TiDB Cloud and Snowflake and how to migrate data from TiDB Cloud to Snowflake.

The Long Expedition toward Making a Real-Time HTAP Database 

This post introduces the backstage stories of TiDB and its HTAP capability.

Enabling Real-time Insights for Parcel Logistics with TiDB Cloud

Real-time insight is of vital importance for many industries such as logistics. In this article, we present a reference architecture which can provide real-time logistical insights with TiDB, a distributed database.

Analytics on TiDB Cloud with Databricks

In this article, we will walk you through how to create a TiDB Cloud Developer Tier cluster, connect TiDB to Databricks, and process TiDB data with Databricks. 

Announcing TiDB 6.1

TiDB 6.1 was released on June 13. This release marks the official addition of the Long Term Support (LTS) release packed with stability updates. In addition, it also includes enhancements to TiDB’s HTAP capabilities and integrations with the ecosystem.

The Meta Feature in TiDB 6.0: Placement Rules in SQL

This post introduces the Placement Rules in SQL, TiDB 6.0's new feature.