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Understanding Change Data Capture (CDC): First Steps for Getting Started

In the areas of data management and real-time analytics, Change Data Capture (CDC) has become an indispensable tool. CDC is a software operation that enables you to monitor and record changes in your source database. From there, you can subsequently apply those changes to your target database. These changes could be new records, updates, or […]

Reducing HTTP Latency by 80% with Edge Functions and TiDB Serverless

When building applications for global users, it is common for users to make requests to servers located far from the region where the application is deployed. This often leads to a poor user experience due to network latency. Therefore, reducing latency is vital in such scenarios. OSSInsight, our open-source GitHub project insight platform, faces the […]

Presenting TiDB 7.5: Improved Stability at Scale for Data-Intensive Applications

While TiDB is already the trusted system of record for some of the most data-intensive applications ever, there is still room to improve. Subsequently, TiDB 7.5, our second long-term support (LTS) release of 2023, emphasizes stability at scale. As application data continues to grow, we see more and more scaling challenges. The most common antidote […]

Integrating TiDB Cloud Serverless Driver with Prisma ORM

We’re excited to announce the release of the TiDB Cloud Prisma Adapter, a significant advancement following our recent launch of the TiDB Cloud Serverless Driver. The serverless driver is a JavaScript Driver tailored for TiDB Serverless, our fully managed MySQL-compatible DBaaS optimized for auto-scaling workloads. By leveraging the efficiency of HTTPS connections over traditional long-lived […]

Effortlessly Transform CSV into a REST API with TiDB Cloud Data Services 

Efficient backend management is a cornerstone of successful application development. Navigating this realm poses significant challenges, especially when aligning with emerging backend trends. This often leads to time-consuming and repetitive architectural processes. To solve this challenge, we introduce TiDB Serverless and TiDB Cloud Data Service (TCDS) —remarkable product offerings of TiDB Cloud. TiDB Serverless is […]

How TiDB Dedicated Achieves Zero Downtime During Kubernetes Node Upgrades

A key aspect of Database as a Service (DBaaS) solutions is ensuring zero downtime, especially during system upgrades. Zero downtime is paramount as it guarantees uninterrupted service, a critical requirement for mission-critical applications running on the database.  TiDB Dedicated is PingCAP’s fully-managed cloud Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform on AWS and GCP. This DBaaS uses managed Kubernetes […]

TiDB Cloud Serverless Driver (Beta):  Seamless Database Connectivity in Edge Environments  

We are excited to unveil TiDB Cloud Serverless Driver (Beta) for JavaScript, your gateway to seamless database connectivity in edge computing environments. With this driver, you can now effortlessly connect to TiDB Serverless from edge environments such as Cloudflare Workers, Vercel Edge Functions, and Netlify Edge Functions.  TiDB Serverless is a fully managed cloud Database-as-a-Service […]

Embracing Low-Code Development for Backend Apps with TiDB Cloud Data Services (Beta) 

In the dynamic application development landscape, the API-first strategy has emerged as a cornerstone for fostering agility and scalability. By prioritizing API design and development from the get-go, this strategy facilitates seamless integration across various systems and applications. However, despite its merits, the road to achieving a robust API-first approach isn’t without its hurdles. Specifically, […]

Announcing TiDB 7.4: The Best Database Alternative for MySQL 8.0

Over the past decade, MySQL 5.7 has been the go-to open-source database for many enterprises and developers. However, with Oracle ceasing support for MySQL 5.7 this month, many users are confronted with a critical decision: upgrade to MySQL 8.0 or miss out on essential support and updates.  MySQL 8.0 not only introduces a slew of […]

Migrating from MySQL to TiDB: A Practical Guide to Distributed SQL Adoption

In our previous article, MySQL 5.7 EOL: Migrating to a MySQL Alternative, we explored the various alternatives to MySQL 5.7 after its imminent end of life (EOL). Among the alternatives discussed, migrating from MySQL to TiDB, an advanced open-source, distributed SQL database, emerged as a promising solution for those seeking scalability, high availability, and MySQL […]

Demystifying DBaaS Options: How to Choose Between AWS, GCP, and TiDB

The world of database management systems (DBMS) is constantly evolving, offering a wide range of options to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) has become a common choice as more and more companies move to or get started with their technology infrastructure on public cloud platforms. This is not surprising, given the broad […]

Achieving Zero-Downtime Upgrades with TiDB

In the vast landscape of databases, ensuring zero-downtime upgrades and operation continuity remains a challenge. Due to inherent design limitations, traditional databases often introduce significant downtime during upgrades – a challenge that can spell operational chaos for businesses reliant on real-time data access.  Enter TiDB, a cutting-edge distributed SQL database that offers a solution to […]