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Imagine a world where you only need one database to meet your transactional requirements, while still delivering on the promise of fast analytics. With TiDB, you don’t need to imagine a database like this; instead, you get to use a database like this.

TiDB combines a row store for speedy transaction processing with a column store for the analytics performance you need. When you write data to TiDB, it can be stored in both formats so that you have true real-time analytics without the need of a cumbersome ETL process.

Key take-aways

This white paper describes a typical Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) environment in TiDB and discusses:

  • The benefits of a single source of truth for your data
  • How TiDB meets the need for real-time analytics
  • How the query optimizer determines the best solution path for each query
  • What this means for you, your database environment, and your database budget

If you are seeking a single source of truth for your data, this white paper delivers a solution that can work for you. Download the white paper now.