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This credential is designed to validate candidates’ proficiency in TiDB’s principles, large-scale TiDB clusters management as well as TiDB tools, such as TiDB Lightning, TiDB Data Migration, TiCDC, sync-diff-inspector and troubleshooting skills.

To earn this certification, you can either purchase a seat on the training and certification platform by yourself or speak to your PingCAP Sales representative directly.

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  • Level: Professional
  • Length: 80 minutes to complete the exam.
  • Cost: $240 USD
  • Format: 50 scoring opportunities that may be multiple choice, multiple response or ordering.
  • Prerequisites: You have to pass the PingCAP Certified TiDB Associate Database Administratorcertification exam.
  • TiDB Version: v6

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Who should take this exam?

Database administrators who have passed the PingCAP Certified TiDB Associate Database Administrator certification exam.

Prerequisite training course

TiDB Database Administration for Self-Hosted Deployments, the intermediate level instructor-led training course for database administrators.

What can I get after earning this certification?

Once certified, you’ll be eligible for a digital certificate that can be added to your LinkedIn profile, which helps you stand out in your career, and opens doors to exciting opportunities.

You will be welcomed to join the PingCAP Certified Global Community LinkedIn group where you can connect with other certified professionals and get the most up-to-date TiDB training & certification resources.

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