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Course introduction

This course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and best practices for ensuring the security of your data when utilizing the TiDB Cloud platform. Delivered through the shared responsibility model, this course encompasses three key stakeholders: the cloud infrastructure provider, PingCAP, and you as the customer. By the end of this course, you will gain a thorough understanding of the shared responsibility model and acquire the necessary skills to effectively secure your data on the TiDB Cloud platform.

Who is this course for

Architects, application developers and database administrators.


Complete the free e-learning course, Introduction to TiDB.

Course Outline

Module 1: The Shared Responsibility Security Model

  • Understand the shared responsibility model
  • Understand encryption in transit
  • Understand encryption at rest
  • Describe TiDB cluster configuration and log files
  • Create TiDB cluster in the TiDB Cloud

Module 2: Cloud Infrastructure Provider’s Role in Security

  • Physical and hardware security
  • Encryption key management
  • Data encryption
  • Network security

Module 3: TiDB Cloud’s Role in Security

  • TiDB Cloud administrator access control
  • Database user access control
  • Network access and TLS
  • Console and API audit logging
  • Tenant segregation
  • OS security

Module 4: Your Role in TiDB Cloud Security

  • TiDB Cloud administrator authentication and authorization
  • Database user authentication and authorization
  • Network access control and isolation
  • Database audit logging
  • Bring your own encryption key

Free e-Learning Available

The free e-learning course with on-demand courseware is available on the PingCAP Training & Certification platform. Feel free to register and enroll yourself into the course.

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Private Training allows you to pick-and-choose a specific time to deliver the course to your team in a private classroom on your schedule.

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