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NFT stands for non-fungible token. Some counter examples include bitcoin and banknotes. There are huge amounts of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. 

NFT is one of the hottest topics in the web3 area. Do you want to know how many NFT trades are there everyday? How much Ethereum currency is traded? And what are the top 50 popular collections? Can you build a dashboard on those insights over a weekend and start to use it on Monday?

In this meetup, Xiang Li will introduce you to Retool. Retool enables users to build internal tools remarkably fast. It provides rich UI tools, data source integration, and access control tuning. Chenhao will show you an NFT Insight dashboard built using Retool and backed by TiDB and Aurora. He will also compare the performance between TiDB and Aurora themselves. Kolbe will explore the reasons behind the performance difference of two databases.


Xiang Li

Software Engineer, Retool 

Xiang is a domain expert on full stack development and machine learning, and an impactful engineering leader. Xiang is an alumni from UCLA and ZJU.

​​Kolbe Kegel 

Customer Success Engineer, PingCAP

Kolbe is a Customer Success Engineer at PingCAP. He has worked with open source databases since 2005, first at MySQL and then at MariaDB. Since joining PingCAP in 2019, Kolbe has worked with teams across the company to improve MySQL compatibility, usability, and to help customers in North America be successful with TiDB.

Chenhao Huang

Developer Relations Specialist, PingCAP

Chenhao is a Developer Relations specialist at PingCAP. He received his PhD degree at University of Sydney early 2022. His research interests include data consistency, replication, and self-tuning databases. He has published related academic papers in International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), Extending Database Technology (EDBT), and TPC Technology Conference on Performance Evaluation & Benchmarking (TPCTC).

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