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Title: Inside Out: TiDB’s Table Partition and Data Definition Language (DDL)

Time: November 7th, 6 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Doors will open at 5:30 PM.


In this talk, we will discuss two important aspects of TiDB: Table Partition and Data Definition Language (DDL).

Mattias will first talk about Table Partitioning in TiDB. He will introduce table partitioning in TiDB and MySQL compatibility. He will also go through the most common use cases, the specifics of TiDB and how the distributed SQL system and HTAP affects the use cases for table partitioning. 

You can also discuss with Mattias about planned features and user requests.

Cong will then give a talk about the overview of Data Definition Language (DDL) execution of TiDB, including how the online schema change works in a HTAP distributed system: the challenging parts and the solutions to archive them. Cong will also discuss the compatibility of TiDB with MySQL in DDL: the features that have been supported, not supported and extended. Also, he will give a brief introduction to the roadmap of DDL in TiDB.


Cong Wang,

Senior Database Engineer, PingCAP

Cong has worked on distributed systems for more than 10 years and contributed to the TiDB project for more than 4 years. As a maintainer of TiDB, he mainly focuses on the computation layer (the ‘TiDB Server’) of the cluster, which includes the authentications, security-related features, metadata management and character sets.

Mattias Jonsson,

Senior Database Engineer, PingCAP

Mattias is currently a senior database engineer at PingCAP. Prior to joining PingCAP, Mattias worked for, where he spent a significant amount of time on MySQL. Mattias has also worked as a developer in the MySQL server team before joining, where he focused on the partitioning storage engine. He has worked with MySQL for more than 15 years.