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Date & Time: April 19, 2024, From 5:30 PM
Location: Bolt HQ Tallinn


To meet the demands of modern applications, relational databases need a radically new architecture — one designed from the ground up to handle voluminous data and transaction loads, resist different types of failure, and function seamlessly during times of peak demand without manual intervention or patchwork scaling strategies.

Join us for a deep-dive discussion as we unpack distributed SQL databases, an evolved database architecture built from the ground up to deliver the transactional guarantees of relational databases and the horizontal scale of NoSQL databases.

This event is a unique opportunity to explore this transformative database technology, discover its real-world use cases, and gain insights into its role in shaping the future of data management.



Doors open


Welcome Speech

18:15 – 18:40

Mastering DDL Automation in High-Volume Environments by Shubham Singh – Senior DBRE at Bolt

18:50 – 19:20

Working with JSON data in TiDB by Daniel Van Eeden, Technical Support Engineer at PingCAP

19:20 – 19:45


20:10 – 20:30