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TiDB Hackathon 2022 is coming – and we’re back with in-person hacking! This year, our theme is “Possibility at Scale.” We invite you to break technology boundaries and unlock possibilities of how TiDB can help across industries such as public welfare, games, and Web3. The Hackathon is open to everyone. If you love to code and are keen to explore, sign up!

Since the Hackathon began in 2017, it has attracted more than 1,000 technology enthusiasts from around the world. They built interesting and complex projects such as TiGraph, UDF engine, TiExec, TiFS, and TiLaker. Some of these projects were written up on famous media sites.

Hackathon registration starts on September 13, 2022, so sign up for the competition and get your team together. If your project is selected for the final, we’ll invite you to PingCAP’s Singapore office where you’ll hack (and then present) your project from October 22–23, 2022. In the final, we’ll provide cloud server resources for you, so you can focus on hacking, not hardware.

Participation benefits

  • Showcase your talent
  • Professional mentorship
  • On-site communication with tech enthusiasts
  • Professional guidance from seasoned judges
  • A contestant-exclusive swag bag
  • Branding exposure for excellent projects

Project requirements

You can implement an open source product, tool, or application based on TiDB to show TiDB’s value. We recommend building TiDB-related applications based on TiDB Cloud.
We’d like to see projects for a wide range of industries such as public welfare, games, and Web3.

Prizes and awards

The top six winners will receive cash prizes:

  • 1st Prize: S$10,000 (one team)
  • 2nd Prize: S$5,000 (two teams)
  • 3rd Prize: S$3,000 (three teams)

Special awards

  • Web3 Special Award: S$2,000 (one team, only for the Singapore region)
  • Best Creative Award (sponsored by Monad Ventures): S$1,000 (one team)
  • Public Welfare Contribution Award: S$1,000 (one team)
  • Technology Trends Award (sponsored by China Growth Capital): S$1,000 (one team)
  • TiDB Cloud Application (API) Award: S$1,000 (one team)
  • Most Popular Project Award (sponsored by GGV Capital): A keyboard and mouse for each team member (one team)
  • Best Campus Award: S$1,000 (one team)
  • Users’ Choice Award: S$1,000 (one team)

Contest timeline

Step 1: Sept 13, 2022 – Oct 17, 2022 Register
Step 2: Sept 13, 2022 – Oct 17, 2022 Submit a Request for Comments (RFC)
Step 3: Oct 19, 2022 Find out if you’ve been selected!
Step 4: Oct 22 – 23, 2022 Code on site


The judges will be database experts, community technology experts, and representatives of top investors. They’ll make in-depth comments on the projects.

For contest details, check this page. So let your imagination run wild. It can take you all the way to the championship.

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