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SQL Plan Management: Never Worry About Slow Queries Again

This post introduces how SQL Plan Management helps the optimizer automatically select efficient execution plans to prevent performance regressions caused by unexpected plan changes.

Building, Running, and Benchmarking TiKV and TiDB

This post introduces how to build and run your own TiDB or TiKV, and how to run some benchmarks on those databases.

Get a TiDB Cluster Up in Only One Minute

TiUP is a component manager that streamlines installing and configuring a TiDB cluster into a few easy commands. It helps get your cluster up and running quickly with a minimal learning curve.

Key Visualizer: Observe Distributed Databases to Discover the Unknowns

Key Visualizer is a visual diagnostic tool that makes it easier to troubleshoot distributed SQL databases. Users can observe system health, quickly find hotspots in the cluster, and gain deep insights into applications.

How to Back Up and Restore a 10-TB Cluster at 1+ GB/s

Backing up or restoring a large-scale distributed SQL database is a time-consuming task. Our upcoming TiDB 4.0 release will support Backup & Restore (BR), a distributed backup and restore tool, which lets you back up and restore data at 1+ GB/s for 10-TB data.

TiDB 4.0 Preview: An Easier-to-Use, Production-Ready HTAP Database

Get a preview of TiDB 4.0. Our landmark release has production-ready HTAP capabilities, continues to solve issues for large-scale, distributed SQL databases, and is easier to use than ever.

Run Your First Chaos Experiment in 10 Minutes

In this 10-minute tutorial, we will help you to quickly get started with Chaos Engineering and run your first chaos experiment with Chaos Mesh.

Doubling System Read Throughput with Only 26 Lines of Code

The Follower Read feature lets any follower replica in a Region serve a read request under the premise of strongly consistent reads. It reduces the load on the Raft leader and improves the read throughput of the TiDB cluster. Read this post to learn more.

Chaos Mesh – Your Chaos Engineering Solution for System Resiliency on Kubernetes

Recently, PingCAP open-sourced Chaos Mesh, a Chaos Engineering platform that features all-around fault injection methods for complex Kubernetes systems. Find out how this testing tool can make your applications more reliable.

Delivering Real-time Analytics and True HTAP by Combining Columnstore and Rowstore

TiDB is an HTAP database that targets both OLTP and OLAP scenarios. TiFlash is its extended analytical engine. This post introduces how TiFlash fuels TiDB to become a true HTAP database that lets users perform real-time analytics.

TiDB Operator 1.0 GA: Database Cluster Deployment and Management Made Easy with Kubernetes

Deploying transactional databases like TiDB in Kubernetes for production has always been challenging. Now, with TiDB Operator 1.0, running TiDB database clusters has never been easier.

Best Practices for Developing Applications with TiDB

This article shows how to efficiently develop high-quality applications with TiDB, an open-source NewSQL database that supports Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) workloads and can serve as a scale-out MySQL database without manual sharding.