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TiDB Tools (I): TiDB Binlog Architecture Evolution and Implementation Principles

TiDB Binlog is a tool used to collect the logical changes made to a TiDB cluster and provide incremental backup and replication. This post introduces its architecture evolution and implementation principles.

5 Key Differences Between MySQL and TiDB for Scaling in the Cloud

This post introduces the top five key differences between TiDB and MySQL.

TiDB: Architecture and Use Cases of A Cloud-Native NewSQL Database

This post provides a macro-level overview of TiDB and is the main reference content for readers to orient and dig deeper into other TiDB subjects.

Announcing TiDB Cloud, Managed as a Service and in the Marketplace

This post announces that TiDB Cloud is now available for public preview.

TiSpark: More Data Insights, Less ETL

The motivation behind building TiSpark was to enable real-time analytics on TiDB without the delay and challenges of ETL. Extract, transform, and load (ETL)--a process to extract data from operational databases, transform that data, then load it into a database designed to supporting analytics--has been one of the most complex, tedious, error-prone, and therefore disliked tasks for many data engineers. However, it was a necessary evil to make data useful, because there hasn't been good solutions on the market to render ETL obsolete--until now.

How To Spin Up an HTAP Database in 5 Minutes with TiDB + TiSpark

In this 5-minute tutorial for beginners, we will show you how to spin up a standard TiDB cluster using Docker Compose on your local computer, so you can get a taste of its hybrid power, before using it for work or your own project in production.

Scale the Relational Database with NewSQL

This is the speech Li SHEN gave at the 3rd NEXTCON.

TiDB Best Practices

This article summarizes some best practices in using TiDB, mainly including SQL usage, OLAP/OLTP optimization techniques and especially TiDB's exclusive optimization switches.

A Brief Introduction of TiDB

This is the speech Edward Huang gave at Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2017.

Travelling Back in Time and Reclaiming the Lost Treasures

This document introduces the History Read feature in TiDB.