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TiDB Resource Control: Stable Workload Consolidation of Transactional Apps

Imagine you own data infrastructure at Super Sweet Tech, Inc (SST), a fictional company for the purpose of this story. Two big initiatives for the fiscal year fall to you. The first is to reduce costs. It’s not 2021 anymore, and the tech economy is tightening, along with its purses. The target is 20% reduction. […]

Introducing TiDB Serverless: Now Generally Available as a Fully-Managed Cloud Service

Eight years ago, we embarked on an ambitious journey to construct an unparalleled distributed relational database. We aimed to redefine how developers and enterprises manage data, addressing the growing needs for scalability, flexibility, and performance. Guided by our company mission to empower developers and enterprises with speed, agility, and scale, our target was clear: to […]

TiDB Auto Scaling: Why Distributed SQL for Cloud-Native Applications 

The ability to scale quickly and efficiently in response to varying workloads is a pivotal feature for any database system. Auto scaling is a capability that allows databases to adjust their computational resources automatically. Benefits include improved performance during sudden workload surges and cost-effectiveness during periods of lower demand. Developed by PingCAP, TiDB is an […]

Presenting TiDB 7.1: Enhanced Stability and Performance for Business-Critical Applications

TiDB 7.1 LTS provides developers and infrastructure engineers with a future-proof distributed SQL database that can power a wide range of business-critical applications.

OSS Insight’s Journey to a Serverless Database

Learn how TiDB Serverless helps OSS Insight handle massive and fluctuating data workloads with ease and efficiency while lowering costs.

Building an Interactive Web App with TiDB Cloud and Streamlit

In today’s data-driven world, analyzing large datasets quickly and easily is essential. With powerful tools like TiDB Cloud and Streamlit, developers can build custom, interactive user interfaces that make it easier to analyze and visualize data.  TiDB Cloud is the fully-managed service of TiDB, an advanced, open-source, distributed SQL database that provides real-time access to […]

How TiDB Implements Point-in-Time Recovery

Learn how Point-In-Time Recovery (PITR) works in TiDB, an open-source, distributed SQL database, and how it's optimized for stability and performance.

Streamline Data Workflows with TiDB Cloud and Zapier

Learn how to connect multiple data-intensive applications with streamlined workflows and receive informed business insights in real time using TiDB Cloud and Zapier. 

Why Flipkart Chose TiDB to Replace Its Large MySQL Fleet

Learn how Flipkart, India's largest e-commerce company, chose TiDB to replace its large MySQL fleet to overcome scalability, reliability, and efficiency challenges.

Announcing TiDB 7.0: Reliable Performance That’s Easier to Operate

Announcing TiDB 7.0, our latest preview release that offer features for reliable performance and streamlined database operations.

How TiDB Achieves 10x Performance Gains in Online DDL

Learn how TiDB achieves 10x performance gains in online DDL with Fast Online DDL

How Disaster Recovery (DR) Works in TiDB

In this post, we’ll focus on TiDB’s DR solutions. We’ll also analyze the pros and cons of these solutions as well as the most suitable deployment options.