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TiDB Community joins Hacktoberfest 2021!

TiDB is proud to be back at Hacktoberfest, a global celebration of open-source and technology. Join us and make contributions, whoever you are, whatever your experience, to the ever-growing TiDB community!

Power Up Your Rails Apps with a NewSQL Database

This post helps Ruby on Rails developers get started with TiDB and use it as the backend storage layer of Rails applications.

Getting Started with JuiceFS Using TiKV

JuiceFS is an open-source, cloud-native distributed file system that allows users to freely choose the backend storage engine. This post introduces how to use TiKV as a metadata engine for JuiceFS.

How to Run Chaos Experiments on Your Physical Machine

This article describes how to use chaosd to simulate faults on physical machines. You can run chaosd as a command-line tool or as a service.

Securing Online Gaming: Combine Chaos Engineering with DevOps Practices

Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group is known as the publisher of some of the most popular video games. This article shares why and how they use chaos engineering in their DevOps workflow.

Building a Real-Time Data Warehouse with TiDB and Pravega

This article introduces a new solution for real-time data warehouse: Pravega + TiDB. This combination resolves Kafka's data persistence dilemma and provides auto scaling capabilities.

Chaos Mesh 2.0 GA: To a Chaos Engineering Ecology

Chaos Mesh 2.0 GA: an exciting release, marking a solid milestone towards the chaos engineering ecology that we hope to build.

How Chaos Mesh Helps Apache APISIX Improve System Stability

This post describes how Apache APISIX uses Chaos Mesh to improve their system stability.

How to Efficiently Stress Test Pod Memory

Chaos Mesh provides StressChaos, a tool that allows you to inject CPU and memory stress into your Pod. Learn how to get the most of StressChaos.

Chaos Mesh Remake: One Step Closer toward Chaos as a Service

A TiDB Hackathon team describes Chaos Engineering as a Service and how they're bringing Chaos Mesh one step closer to being a service.

TiDE: Developing a Distributed Database in a Breeze

TiDE is a VS Code extension for developing TiDB. It offers IDE, debugging, log search, Kubernetes integration, and VM management for TiDB clusters.

Getting Started with Rails & TiDB

Integrating a complex ORM like ActiveRecord with TiDB can be difficult. This tutorial helps you get started with TiDB and Rails.