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TiKV + SPDK: Pushing the Limits of Storage Performance

By introducing SPDK into TiKV, we enable the database to directly send instructions to NVMe disks, reducing read/write latency significantly.

How I Enabled TiKV Coprocessor to Support ENUM and SET Calculations

A TiKV contributor participated in the Coprocessor support ENUM/SET project and implemented these two calculations. This helped improve TiKV's calculation performance.

TiDB Hackathon: Reducing Cross-AZ Data Transfer Costs by 89%

At TiDB Hackathon 2020, the Pingtouge team focused on reducing TiDB's cross-AZ data transfer costs on the cloud. They managed to reduce read traffic by 89% and write traffic by 15%.

Announcing the TiDB Hacking Camp

TiDB Hackathon 2020 ended up with many star projects. To actually land these projects in the community, PingCAP is now launching an 8-week TiDB Hacking Camp.

tidb-lite: A go-sqlmock Alternative for Unit Testing Golang DB Code

Discover tidb-lite, a simpler and better Go SQLMock alternative for unit testing Golang database-related code.

TiGraph: 8,700x Computing Performance Achieved by Combining Graphs + the RDBMS Syntax

TiGraph can manipulate graph data and relational data in one transaction while guaranteeing strong consistency. It boosts TiDB's computing performance by 8,700x in four-degree separation.

TiDB on JD Cloud: A Cloud-native Distributed Database Service

PingCAP teams up with JD Cloud to provide Cloud-TiDB service on the JD Cloud platform.

Celebrating One Year of Chaos Mesh: Looking Back and Ahead

Chaos Mesh started out as a mere fault injection tool and is now heading towards the goal of building a Chaos Engineering ecology. Meanwhile, the Chaos Mesh community was also built from scratch and has helped Chaos Mesh join CNCF as a Sandbox project.

Announcing the TiDB Incubator Program

Today, we are excited to introduce the TiDB Incubator Program, a program designed to ensure that new projects in the TiDB ecosystem can obtain resources and help from the community towards their desired maturity level.

GitHub Discussions: Bringing the Open Source Community Closer Together and All in GitHub

This post introduces how Discussions, a beta feature GitHub recently launched, helps open source projects build their own communities or bring the communities nearer to the source code.

TiDB on KubeSphere: Release a Cloud-Native Distributed Database to the KubeSphere App Store

This article walks you through how to deploy TiDB on KubeSphere and release TiDB to the App Store to make it available to other tenants.

How a Top Game Company Uses Chaos Engineering to Improve Testing

NetEase Fuxi AI Lab is China's first professional game AI research institution. In their search for a Chaos Engineering tool to test their Kubernetes-based AI training platform, they chose Chaos Mesh and have improved their system resiliency ever since.